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Derby Week 2024

30 April - 5 May 2024


I kicked off my Derby week events with the Kentucky Derby Festival Wine Fest on Tuesday. It was held at the Mellwood Art Center so that was a new location for me in Kentucky. Christi and her friend from Scotland, Janice went with me and we spent a lovely evening sampling Kentucky wines. The $75 ticket included a page of sample tickets and free food samples. I think I may have eaten more than I drank but I was glad for the PF Changs lettuce wrap, cookies, Nothing Bundt Cake and chicken salad chick sandwiches. We even got a few ideas about wineries that have an Air B&B or Bed and Breakfast attached. This guy and his wife was one of them and he was more than happy to take our picture. And their winery was called the Travelers Cellar :)
On Wednesday, Tori and Beth arrived to Louisville and we started their visit with some Mexican and margaritas at Fiesta Time Amigos.

On Thursday, Tori, Beth, Chris and I went to Thurby!
We scored free parking by going to the Kentucky Expo Center and taking their free shuttle to the track. We got our photo in front of Churchill Downs,
Took a peek at the newly renovated, $200 million paddock area,
Got a $25 drink and went to our seats near the finish. It was almost 90 degrees and our seats were in the sun until late afternoon. Everyone made the best of it though. The couple in our box of seats was nice and we made frequent trips to the air conditioning to cool off.
Even Chris found a way to shade his face.
By 5:00 we headed over to the VFW to get some cheap dinner while supporting Cory and then made our way back to the car.

On Friday, Tori, Beth and I went to Chicken Salad Chick that I have been dying to get to and then hit the Peddlers Mall in Middletown. I figured they would like browsing and Tori even found a hat to wear next time.
I got a beautiful table runner for derby decorating.
That night Sara joined the girls for a trip to the Derby Dinner Theater to see Footloose. We were a bit worried when the stage didn't have any props but they still did a wonderful job with the play. This time they also served candied carrots and they were honestly the best carrots I have ever had!
On Saturday it was Derby Day so we made our way to Shawn and Becky's garage for their derby party. We had fun betting, chatting and eating but around 5:00 left to come home and feed Chloe and do some more travel planning.
On Sunday the girls left and I did a bit of work for the rental. It was Cinco de Mayo so to celebrate we waited about 45 minutes for a table at Fiesta Time Amigos to get a margarita!

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Hope Town to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas

25 April 2024


Before leaving Hope Town we made a trip over to the lighthouse to climb up and check out the views.
Our move from Hopetown to Marsh Harbor on Great Abaco Island was only one hour and we pulled in before lunch time. This is more of an industrial area that is still rebuilding after Hurricane Dorian.
Colors was the recommended place to have lunch and I was pleased to find out I could get a bushwacker here. The drink didn’t last through my shrimp quesadillas so I had to also try an orange crush.
We asked what was within walking distance and were told the grocery which turned out to be a quite huge a well stocked store reminiscent of a Walmart. I ended up getting a beach bag and snack for my flight tomorrow.
After the long hot walk back to the boat we relaxed and I did another babysitting stint while they went to visit friends. Dinner was steak fondue and we were all a little sad but preoccupied a bit with thoughts of our respective journeys home. My taxi ride to the airport was set up in the morning with a call to Gigi. The ten minutes ride is $20.

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Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Bahamas

24 April 2024


The sail to Hopetown on Elbow Cay was only one hour and highly anticipated. We had all heard great things about a little bigger town with shops and a lighthouse.
From a distance you can see the Elbow Reef Lighthouse, the only one in the world not electrified. It still runs on kerosene.
After anchoring we dinghied to shore and went to Captain Jack’s for lunch. I got a sands pink Radler, conch chowder with Bahamian Bread and some of the spiciest mac and cheese I have ever had.
The rest of the afternoon we walked a loop around town, checked out a few gift shops and had ice cream at Skoops.
I got Chris and I t-shirts and we were able to replenish the alcohol supply a little. I got a canned mojito that turned out to be wonderful.
Back on the boat we listened to music and did some dancing as the sun went down. What a wonderful night even before our dinner of beef roast, mashed potatoes and green beans. This is one night I will remember forever.

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Man of War Cay

23 April 2024


SV Blue Agave sailed about from Little Harbor in route to Man of War Cay about 1000. The sail was three hours and we were all excited because they had heard great things about our new destination. It was famous for it’s superior boat building.
After anchoring we went to shore to explore. There was about a 1 mile walk to town and past the most manicured landscaping we had seen in the Bahamas. The homes were adorable and it was nice to get the walk. Most places “in town” were closed but I got an ice cream at the small grocery and we hit the sail shop. Bags were made in a small shop out of sail material but were also very pricy. A beach bag was $140. There are a lot of British touches on the island as well.
After the walk back we were hot and tired. After a late lunch/early dinner of sausage with rice and beans I did some au pair duties and watched Little Man while Phil and Anita went with some friends to check out another boat and plot their return to the states.

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Lynyard Cay to Little Harbor, Bahamas

22 April 2024


Anita’s friend had said their was a beach on Lynyard Cay just covered in Sea Glass so we took our empty baggies and high hopes. The dingy beach is on one side and then a short trek over to the other side of the island presented a beach not at all covered in sea glass. But I did find lots of my favorite kinds of tiny conch shells with some flecks of sea glass.
We moved from Lynyard Cay over to Little Harbor on Great Abaco Island and got a mooring ball just outside Pete’s Pub. The pub is reputed to be famous and really the only thing here other than private homes. The Pub also has an art gallery we quickly walked through. The store had nice but very expensive things so I settled for a t-shirt.
The bar area is outside and covered in t-shirts people have written messages on. I had sauteed lobster and shrimp tacos with another Diet Coke.
Phil and I took the dingy to try to snorkel but when I did a test I saw no fish at all we were went back to the boat to return to Pete’s Pub. We had to pay $35 for our stay on the mooring ball and we capitalized on the trip but getting a rum punch and piece of turtle pie. We saw the storm coming in from the pub.
A short while later we were watching it pour rain from the safety of the boat.
Anita spoiled us for dinner again with some wonderful spaghetti.
The view off the boat was gorgeous tonight.

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Royal Island to Lynyard Cay, Bahamas

21 April 2024


Another ocean crossing was the order of the day. We fortified ourselves for the journey with homemade granola, fruit and yogurt.
We had a nine hour sail leaving Eleuthera Island Chain and entering the Abaco’s Island Chain. We briefly saw one dolphin and didn’t catch any fish but we got to our destination safely and that is what counts.
Lunch on the sail was some snacks and Little Dude was trying so hard to use the voice and make that plate come closer.
We were all pretty tired after all the sun and wind, not to mention a pour night of sleep due to rocking around last night. We had pork, mashed potatos and green beans with bread for dinner and went to bed.

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Spanish Wells to Royal Island, Bahamas

20 April 2024


Breakfast this morning was a lovely piece of Coconut Bread from Blackpoint and fruit. The order of the day was a golf car ride around the island.
Just off the dingy dock we rented a cart and rode around looking at houses, etc.
We drove across a bridge to Russell Island and had lunch at the Sandbar Restaurant. Just when I didn’t think last nights view could get better they took me to this place. It was my favorite kind of outdoor place to eat. I had a chicken burrito bowl and Diet Coke while looking out on the gorgeous water.
We got some provisions at the grocery and I got a few souvenirs because Anita said she didn’t know how many opportunities we would have. I tried the Bahamas Goombay Punch and that was quite enough. It is a pretty sweet fruit punch.
Back on the boat we move over to Egg Island, about an hour. The goal was to be close to a sandbar where you can stand amongst the rays. We had difficulty getting the anchor to hold so we all felt better sailing back to Royal Island. I did a swim to check the anchor their and saw a ray so checked that box 😊
Steaks were for dinner.

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Arriving in Spanish Wells, Bahamas

19 April 2024


Today was my first ocean crossing and long cruise. We pulled up anchor in the morning and left the Exumas for Spanish Wells, on Little George’s Island on the Eleuthera Island chain. The crossing was just over eight hours crossing the Exuma Sound in to the North Providence Channel. We were a little nervous at the beginning because we had to cross the "mine field" but we got through it safely and without any issues.
Once we anchored, Phil and Anita took me to town to see where they spent about 3 weeks while their catamaran was getting work done. This was my first town with adorable colorful houses and nice landscaping with conch shells.
We had dinner at the Shipyard Restaurant. It had gorgeous view, hot crab dip, coconut chicken strips and a pineapple down drink.
After dinner we moved upstairs to their bar where they had some live music. After one more Kalik beer we walked back to the boat to settle in for the night.

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Shroud Cay, Bahamas

18 April 2024


Shroud Cay was their favorite place in the Exumas and it is probably my favorite place in the entire Bahamas so far. After breakfast we took the dingy down the river full of turtles. At first we weren’t seeing any but then we ended up finally seeing about 30-40, as well as a small nurse shark.
We cruised slowly along the river until we came to what cruisers call washing machine beach. To describe it as gorgeous isn’t even doing it justice. And we had it all to ourselves!!!
Phil took me up to the top of a small hill where the CIA watched Norman’s Cay and Pablo Escobar’s drug running. The views were some of the best in my life and we could see Anita and Little Man way down on the beach.
For the ride back to the boat I was on the paddle board trying to get video’s of turtles. I got a great one that was exciting to watch later.
Lunch was some charcutterie and then a three hour sail to Highbourne Cay to anchor for the night.
We relaxed around the boat until dinner which was a Mexican Salad with Chicken and it was so so good.
A pretty sunset closed out the best of days.

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Sea Aquarium in Exuma, Bahamas

17 April 2024


Right off our mooring spot was a place called the Sea Aquarium. Phil had heard it was amazing so after breakfast we took the dingy about 10 minutes away and hopped in the water. It reminded me of the snorkeling in Bora Bora and was probably only second to that. There were a ton of fish and they didn’t seem to concerned with our presence. I could probably have spent all day there but the water was a bit chilly.
Each day we would move and today we sailed two hours to Wardrick Wells to meet some friends of theirs who were bringing them a battery from Georgia. We passed by a whale skeleton on the way to their boat.
The area was also beautiful but they wanted to show me a place called Shroud Cay so we continued another three hours to Shroud.
We anchored off a beautiful beach and had burgers for dinner.

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