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Catamaran and Desert 4x4 Safari Tour in Nambia

20 January 2024


Breakfast was at the hotel and we were out the door by 0730 to drive back to Walvis Bay. Sun Sail catamarans, and ours mores specifically – the Fair Weather was going to take us on a 3.5 hour tour of the harbour.
Our first great surprise was meeting Colin, the fur seal. He came right on the boat and we were able to feed him some fish snacks. We are told that they always have to go in head first, if you give it to him the other way he will turn it around before he eats it.
Once the boat was under way they gave us a “Namibian coffee” which is a brown sherry.
We head to an oyster farming area where we learn they mature in 9 months instead of 2-3 years in other locations. This accelerated growth is due to the cold water. The oysters are called the Namibian Viagra because the zinc and magnesium increase sperm counts. Here there are even fur seals lounging on the drums.
We see a big ship that sold for millions of dollars. There are seals lounging around it too.
We start to see more fur seals until we reach the lighthouse and pelican point. They are EVERYWHERE! This is also the breeding season so there are babies everywhere. We can also hear them from quite a distance away.
We learned about a red tide where plankton blooms at the same time. It then falls to the bottom of the ocean and fermentation starts. This process takes up all the oxygen and everything dies. This is a natural occurance that takes place here several times a year.
Our next big treat is to see the Heaviside Dolphin. There are a few that spend a short time hanging around the boat.
After that we get snacks to include oysters and champagne. This tour has really exceeded my expectations.
After a bathroom break and short rest we are off on the second half of our tour to Sandwich Harbor. We are now in a 4x4 vehicle with a couple from China. We stop once more at the lagoon in Walvis Bay to see the flamingos.
Next stop is at a salt farming location. You can see the “pink river” that is created here. The water is very oily and tastes super salty.
We have several stops by the dunes and the ocean. Once we are told we could climb it but for me it was too steep and the sand was too hot!
After some really fun dune riding we make it to Sandwich Harbor which is an excellent photo stop. Here we also have some more snacks.
Next stop is the gem for the entire day in my mind. We see a sidewinder snake! It is incredibly small but we are able to watch it move sideways through the sand. Eventually to keep it from going under the vehicle and being injured one of the guides puts it in a small bush.
Our last intentional pause is at an ostrich which looks so bizarre to me, wandering through the desert.
There is a gecko that our guide was trying to find and when he turned to see if another group found it we got stuck in the sand. It didn’t take long to get out but we never did see the gecko.
We got back a bit late – just after 5 and Randy was there to pick us up and take us back to Swakopmund. After a quick break we head to Brewer and Butcher by the water for dinner. I enjoy a fabulous pizza and diet coke….with NO MEAT!

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